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From providing you with the perfect business solutions to alleviating your stress from dealing with government policies, Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd is your number one source of help.

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Business owners and enterpreneurs can join with us for the range of software we provide such Accounting Management System, Retail & Multi Chain Management System, Payroll, Time Attendance with HR Management, Food & Bevarage with Queuing system, Sales Solution & Hospitality Management System.

Accounting Management System

F&B with Queuing System

Retail & Multi Chain Management System

Hospitality Management System

Payroll & HR Management System

Van Sales System

E-commerce Service Provider


In addition, the company adheres to a unique service culture, and we attach great importance to the business foothold and development of our valued customers.

Therefore, in addition to our products and services to help you solve problems, we regularly organize different types of value-added activities to communicate the latest business information and knowledge to our customers and your employees. Policy update sharing meetings, various business information sharing meetings, training courses, lectures/speech, etc. Help merchants understand the latest information and technologies in all aspects of the business (eg personnel management, marketing/sales strategy, management, etc.) to maintain the highest level of competitiveness.

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