From providing you with the perfect business solutions to alleviating your stress from dealing with government policies, Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd is your number one source of help.

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Accounting Management System

Its design guides you through the automation of your accounts, making it easier to track all your accounting data. Equipped with tax and GST settings, this system helps your business to be GST-ready at all times.


Retail & Multi Chain Management System

With an assortment of features – easy-to-use retail POS billing, inventory management and loyalty management – this software takes the wheel of your business when you are not in the premises.


Payroll, Time Attendance with HR Management

Empower your payroll operation in gaining operational excellence and increase your company agility aligning to HR processes.


Food & Beverage with Queueing System

Designed for quick service in eateries, customer care in fine dining and flexibility on food courts, industrial catering, and regular restaurants. It is fast, convenient and efficient; a perfect combination for a business boost.


Ipad Sales Order

Designed for B2B wholesaler salesmen to simplify the ordering process. With enhanced efficiency and minimized complications, this system will reduce admin workload as the software updates in real time – from ordering stock to invoicing.


Hospitality Management System

Provides affordable turnkey travel reservation technology for leisure travel-oriented companies wanting to grow and manage their businesses more efficiently, all the while staying ahead of competition.


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  • Business Consultation  Assistance for business matters in order to equip you with the best and most suitable software for your enterprise
  • In-house service  Activities or operations conducted within our company
  • On-line service  Service provided through a software application available to users over the Internet
  • On-phone service  Transmission service to users by phone
  • On-site service  A technician will be sent to your company to solve the problem
  • After-sales service  Consultation services post-installation



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Events and Training Sessions

Here at Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd, we host training events for software from time to time, keeping you informed about our state-of-the-art technology.

However, our training events do not stop at just IT software and hardware. Our main goal is to build a stronger, educated community for the betterment of society. Hence, we disseminate the latest government policies and updated framework through talks and seminars so that every employer, and employee, is up to date with the government system.

Click here for a list of our past events!

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