Payroll &
Human Resources Management


With our payroll and human resources management systems, you can increase the productivity and cost savings of your HR department. Our system can eliminate to spend a lot of manpower and time, and more accurately calculate the salary of employees. In addition, the system is also equipped with the ability online to submit government reports, such as: EPF, SOCSO, EIS.

In addition, we also provide employee sign-in systems that include fingerprint authentication and face recognition codes. Its system helps to monitor and count employees’ actual working hours, and more effectively control employee attendance, and avoids the mutual help of employees signing in.

For the HR department, our system can help you plan your human resources and improve employee performance. At the same time, our system can help companies prepare and manage basic secretarial work. With its features, the process of recording employee details and applying for claims becomes easier.

Comprehensive personnel report

Our payroll management system has comprehensive documentation tools and settings such as payroll reports, government reports, vacation reports, etc. These tools enable you to handle personnel changes and analyze employee details. You also can effectively manage employee vacation requests and submit accurate reports.

Simplify employee compensation management

No matter how many employees in your business, and complex personnel changes, you can adjust them with just a few clicks. Because our products are flexible, it is easy to manage accounts and easily process and print employee payrolls. The automatic calculation of payrolls allows you to manage human resources and save data at an extremely fast rate for future use.


Fast and secure payment of salary

Use a software payment system to transfer salaries directly and safely to your employee’s bank account. Say goodbye to cumbersome payment methods, saving time and allowing you to focus entirely on your daily work schedule.


Employee data record management

“Employees are the core of the company”

With this in mind, the company is obligated to keep employee information. For example, salary history, holiday management, tax management, and government-provided information are all private data of employees, so employees’ information must be kept confidential.

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