Accounting Management system

Since SST is now fully effective, companies must be ready to respond to SST. SST-compliant commercial software will help track SST records and make the necessary reports for auditing or decision-making purposes. These reports include profit and loss reports, accounting reports and balance sheets, all to ensure that your expenses and business remain normal. And not only that, the reporting base can be customized to your preferred template. The latest SST settings will also be updated automatically.

Why should you own this system?

  • You no longer need to go to the customs department to submit your report, just sit in a comfortable home/office!
  • We offer a large number of accounting solutions with SST settings. From software to hardware to online support, we only guarantee the efficiency and convenience you need to succeed.

Full SST ready

We offer SST-ready software certified by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. We guarantee the most accurate SST calculations and upgrade them immediately according to the latest regulations. Save your time because 21-day rules, bad debt relief/recovery, gifts and more than 50 complex SST rules will be handled automatically.

Combined with our account software

Our software is supported by a wide range of vendors, including sales systems, manufacturing software, e-commerce and other third-party systems to deliver higher quality business solutions and services.

Flexible and simple

Customize software to your requirements to increase business efficiency and productivity. It is simpler and easier to understand than other complex accounting software.

Improve efficiency

Increase productivity and save time with real-time publishing and seamless integration. The system helps SMEs take full control of their business.

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