Accounting Management System

As GST 0% is in full force now, every system we provide over her at Neelian Corporation is now 0% GST ready. It is essential for businesses to be GST 0% ready and prepared for SST. Sooner our company will enlighten with the new tax rule SST, but for now the return of 0% tax on our good and services for till September 2018 is inevitable to upgrade. GST 0%-compliant business software will help keep track of GST and future SST records and generate necessary reports for audit or decision-making. These reports include Profit & Loss (P&L) reports, accounting reports and balance sheets, all to keep your expenses and business health in check. And not only that, the report bases are all customizable to your preferred template. The latest GST 0% settings will also always be updated automatically.

Best thing about this system? You won’t ever have to make the trip to the Customs Department to submit your reports anymore, just do it in the comfort of your own home/office!

We offer a plethora of accounting solutions that are equipped with GST 0% settings. From software to hardware to online support, we guarantee only efficiency and convenience catered to your success.

→  Completely GST Ready

We deliver software that is GST 0% -ready and certified by the Royal Malaysia Custom Department. We guarantee the most accurate GST 0% calculations with immediate upgrades adhering to the latest regulations. Save time when the 21 day rule, bad debt relief/recover, gift & over 50 complex GST 0% rules automations are all handled for you.

→  Integration with our Account Software

Our software is supported by various networks including the Point of Sales system, manufacturing software, e-commerce and other third party systems to provide better quality of business solutions and service.

→  Flexible & Simple

Customise the software according to to your requirements in order to boost business efficiency and productivity. Simpler and easier to understand than other complex accounting software.

→  Increase Efficiency

Increase work efficiency and save time with real-time posting and seamlessly integrated modules. The system helps small and medium sized companies to gain full control of their business.


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