Company Profile


Managing Director, Mr.Myles Lye

It has been an absolute honor to serve as the Managing Director of Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd. Throughout my tenure, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with a dynamic organization and build strong connections with our clients.

As a one-stop solution center, we do not merely supply products, but also guide our customers through the process of setting up the system and teach them how to navigate the software.

We place utmost importance on total customer satisfaction by identifying translating customers’ needs into quality products and providing dependable after-sales services.

Not only do we provide information on software solutions, we also incorporate government policies in our training sessions. We aim to educate the public on policies such as EIS and HRDF so that individuals and businesses alike will gradually be more competent and achieve success in this highly competitive industry. As such, we are qualified training providers under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), committed to providing top-notch training programs to empower the public’s knowledge of software and government policies


The establishment of our WeChat business platform is a big breakthrough for our business. With a multifunctional app like WeChat, we are able to reach out to a bigger audience and bring our business to new heights of success. Our goal is to create a long-lasting relationship with our clients, which will translate into long term winning strategies and exponential growth for both parties.


In summary, our focus is to continuously improve our organization, to concentrate primarily on those who utilize our services, and then measure the results of our efforts. I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers, cooperation of our employees and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of the organization.


New office in Jalan Pasir Puteh Ipoh

Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd is a business management solution provider, offering the best solutions for organizations of different industries. The company also provides business management solutions, professional consulting service with the aid of a reliable technical support team. The company provides service to more than a three thousand companies in peninsular Malaysia.


Established in the year 2000 as Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd, a premium dealer of Sage software. The company then expanded its service by offering more business software solutions which include food and beverage software and hospitality software.


In 2010, Neelian was appointed as the only Sage UBS maintenance service center in Perak. Eventually, the company relocated to a bigger premise in order to provide a better and more polished environment.


In 2014, the Malaysian government introduced a 6% Goods and Services Tax (GST) that commenced on 1 April 2015. Ever since the GST implementation, Neelian Corporation has been organizing free seminars every Saturday, revolving around GST. From there, the company went on to organize various events so that the public may be adept at GST issues and other business information.

The company continued to expand its range of software solutions, including IPad sales order and Point-of-sales (POS) System, which will help expand the growth of its clients. The company has joined many other businesses to expand their service to provide to other business ventures.


The company consists of multiple sectors that Neelian Team that checks on marketing, support, technical and administration to provide assistance to our customers. To be able to assist our clients in the latest policy amendments, our team frequently attends software update classes in order to stay well-informed. Besides software classes, our team also attends seminars apropos of government policy changes to ensure our information is always up-to-date.

Our Vision

To deliver professional business consultation, the best solutions and to share the latest information updates to our valued customers to stay ahead of competition, as a one-stop solution center.

Our Mission

  1. To create a more tech-savvy environment and a better educated
  2. To strengthen general awareness of government policies and implement it through software knowledge and deliver the information to our valued customers.
  3. To build a strong system knowledge among customer’s
  4. Ensure our customers are able to operate their business smoothly compliant with the latest Government policy changes


Almost 2 decades in the software industry, the company had contribute a lot to the professional and ethical development of the Software field. Neelian had receiving few awards since.


Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd has been actively involved in CSR for almost a decade. The company constantly treats the Anning Children & Elderly Home to a meal once every 3 months for 9 years. Neelian Corporation has generated donations and a strong hold in charity.


The Anning Children & Elderly Homes have activities and fund raising campaigns, and without hesitant, Neelian Corporation will provide a helping hand to them.


We offer a wide range of commercial solutions to meet the needs of different industries and businesses, including:

  • Accounting Management Solution
  • Payroll, Time Attendance with Human Resource Management
  • Food & Beverages Queuing Solution
  • Retail & Multi-Chain Store Solution
  • Digital Marketing
  • Hospitality Solution
  • IPad Sales Order

Other Service

In addition to our core services, we also focus on providing a range of customer service and after-sales services to enhance the consumer experience of our valued customers.


Technology innovates every day and with that said software applications, there is bound to be an update here and there occasionally. Therefore, in order to keep customers updated with the latest edition of their installed systems, training events are hosted frequently in accordance with specific software updates that are coherent with our products.

For effective relaying of information, various methods such as talks, seminars and the heuristic approach of hands-on learning are employed. In these sessions, customers are taken through system updates and software manuals. From payroll and accounting to human resource management, clients will benefit from practical learning and detailed explanations.

Prior to GST implementation in 2015, events were limited to only training for software and hardware. With the activation of the GST policy, Neelian Corporation began to include other government policy such as EIS, HRDF, GST tax code, etc.

The Neelian Team at GST & Budget Talk 2018

Here at Neelian Corporation, the company’s main goal is to build a stronger, educated community for the betterment of society. Hence, the latest government policies and updated framework are disseminated through seminars so that every employer, and employee, is up-to-date with the government system.

A handful of events are collaborations with renowned Malaysian speakers, who are practitioners in either software, accounting or public policy. This is to ensure accurate information is being delivered to the public so that everyone may understand the arcane mechanisms of the aforementioned fields.


One such event was the fairly recent ‘GST & Budget 2018 Talk’, where Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt, whose expertise is in GST, was invited to speak. The event received positive reviews and paved the way for a subsequent well-received seminar, ‘Employers’ Obligation 2018 & Tax-Planning’ earlier in 2018, hosted by Song Liew.

Employers Obligation 2018 & Tax Planning Seminar

Chronology of Education Events by Neelian Corporation

Service & Support

Our business consultation session with client by Mr.Ryan Lee (right)

Neelian Corporation Sdn Bhd is a one-stop solution, dedicated to delivering professional business consultation alongside ensuring business excellence and competitive advantage for companies and individuals alike. For clients’ businesses to flourish, a myriad of services is offered, catered specially for each and every business type.

Business consultation services are available to assist companies in management matters. The goal here is to make sure that clients are equipped with the best and most suitable software for their enterprise.


In-house service is also administered here, where all activities and operations are conducted within the company’s premises. Thus, the staff are able to hear out the client’s troubles and offer help face-to-face. Any complications or aspects that the customer is unfamiliar with can be resolved immediately

Head of Technical Department, Edward assisting a customer through online

Besides offline assistance, Neelian Corporation also offers online service, where clients are guided through a software application that is available over the Internet. Through this application, staff are able to gain access to the customer’s computer system. From there, the root of the problem can be directly addressed and the process of correcting the issue is demonstrated clearly for the customer’s future reference.


Aside from that, the staff are also able to relay information and verbal assistance over phone calls. The support team is extremely professional and always ready to help solve unwarranted complications, picking up in no more than three rings. In the case where problems are encountered on-site and customers are unable to leave their premises, a technician will be sent over to solve the problem.


That is not all! After a customer has walked their way through system installation and additional queries, they are still entitled to Neelian Corporation’s after-sales service. This includes informing clients of system updates and new features. Each and every client is followed-up upon to ensure complete satisfaction. All in all, Neelian Corporation is your guaranteed long-term business partner, flexible and specialized in a range of solutions. With our comprehensive means of assistance, the company is sure to elevate and propel any business to success.

Our Team

Neelian Corporation’s progressive growth over the years can be primarily attributed to one factor: its employees. When not gathered round for a corporate meeting, the Neelian Team is segregated into several different units according to their specialized areas: administration, support, sales and technical.

Administration Department

On the front line, there is the administration personnel. They handle all the miscellaneous office work, from issuing invoices and activating software license to liaising with suppliers. With virtually nothing proven deterrent to their work, the admins are truly the backbone the company.

Back-End Support Department

The support personnel comprises congenial and effcient office staff who are focudes on serving clients effectively. With excellent credentials to date, the support unit is skilled in assessing customers’ queries in a flash and providing solutions in both a preciese and concise manner, With a house rule of answering a call in no more than three rings, customers can rest assured that Their cases will be tended to, pronto. If help in the office is required, support staff may also assist in basic data collection and management , respond to telephone inquiries, and help customers enroll in programs

Technical Department

The techincal team, too, are seasoned professionals with plenty of experience in gauging both software and hardware problems. This team is regularly assigned to on-site duty, where they inspect and troubleshoot complications upon arrival at the customer’s premises. It should definitely not come as a surprise that they are extremely capable of fixing errors on the spot.

Sales Department

Always on their feet, the sales team is constantly on the lookout for potential clients in order to help expand the company’s network. New business partners and long-term clients would temper Neelian Corporation’s foundation, and in turn, customers would benefit from enhanced service; a win-win situation at its best.

Whenever events are scheduled, an additional team will be formed, consisting of several members from each aforementioned unit. Both support and sales personnel are in charge of inviting guests to the event as well as setting up the demo booth for product display. Guest registration and issuing of tax invoices will be handled by the admins. And in case of any issues at the venue itself, the technical team will constantly overlook the setup. From brainstorming to advertising, every activity is carried out with extreme detail and care.


Everyone on the team has had years of experience, some having been on the Neelian Team for nearly a decade. Neelian Corporation values passion, grit and positive relationships on both ends; this commitment is reflected in everything we do.


Restaurant Tauge Ayam Lou Wong

Restaurant Tauge Ayam Lou Wong (Ipoh) Sdn Bhd, has been using our product mobile Oder for a few months since before end of 2017. Our system help business to achieve faster communications and transactions that requires time and we help entrepreneurs that element. Here at the Ipoh’s famous tauge ayam shop, Mr.Wai (nickname) said that, “It’s very fast, things are fast, there are not much hassle, and the payment process has become very fast, there are no much problem and payment process is smooth and our operation has become efficient”. Time consuming business are very much demanding that’s the case over at Lou Wong’s’. Our mobile thermal receipt printer lets transactions and payments are easier, here’s what Mr.Wai got to say, “I already like a mobile cash register counter, I can walk around to collect payment from customer. After collecting the payment, I can put the tab down and continue my other work”.


Mr. Loo, Chairman of Hotel Fully Well Kampar


The chairman of Hotel Fully Well Kampar, Mr Loo gave his experience and thoughts after using our service and products. “It’s very systematic, there is no things to do manually anymore, which was hard to manage before. So with the system now, is easier as ever before”. Consistency is a key factor to the success of a company, and here at Neelian Corporation we are master of providing our value customers to their rights and needs. Providing better acknowledgement of better software that best suits them and assist them to greater heights in their business ventures.

Our Clients