Food & Beverage with Queuing System

From the process of order to ready-to-serve, is all in your command.

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Pos System

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What can we help you ?

> Wireless devices, such as the calling button, are available to reduce queue space and allow for more room, improve customer average purchase frequency and attract more customers.

> Worried that a big group of customers would go Dutch? Fret not, for our software allows you to split (or join) bills without muchhassle.

> With an enhanced point-of-sales (POS) system, you can now increase table turnover rate in order to occupy more customers (and reduce the amount of cross ones at the same time).

> Tired of running from table to counter and then to table again, only to repeat the process all day long? Your daily marathons will be over once you convert to our system! It can help you save the time and build good relationship with customers.

> With our system, you will not only be able to increase customer satisfaction but also have complete control over your business, alongside your (multiple) outlet(s)!


The Benefits of the system


Integration with Other Software

What integration does is it conserves time during data transfer. Besides, integration with a good accounting software enables users to improve tracking of sales and inventory information, increasing accuracy and efficiency of accounting and bookkeeping tasks for small and medium sized businesses.

Track Sales when You are ‘Away’

Mobile applications are available for you to track daily sales whenever and wherever by using only your mobile phone. You will get instant real-time updates of sales and payment statuses. In other words, your financial and accounting information will travel with you all the time.

Stronger Connections with Clients

A long lasting relationship with your clients is able to improve your average purchase frequency. Mobile membership (no card needed) & loyalty solution programs are currently the keys for success in business.

“Business with loyalty program, on average are 88% more profitable than competitors who do not”.

                                                                                                                                                 -DELOITTE RETAILS SURVEY

Operation demonstration for software system

Schematic diagram

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