Retail and Multi chain management system

 An advanced point-of-sales (POS) system, with a new design, that is incorporated with inventory, accounting and a multitude of integrable solutions to aid your business. This software allows you to sync directly with marketplaces and mall hubs, besides giving O2O commerce businesses a platform to advertise their products and gather information. 

Scalable to individual business sizes and easily navigable, it is the quintessential piece of software that not only elevates your business performance, but also minimizes resources, from e-commerce to back-end financial modules.

Monitor your business from wherever you are with just a click!

4 Reasons. Why you should choose our retail and multi-chain management system:

Seamless Integration of Online & Offline Store 

With this system, you can run all your business in the same platform. All of your business headquarters, online sales activities and physical store interconnections, such as inventory, daily marketing reports, customer data management, etc., can be managed in one place, allowing you to check and understand your business. 

Stay Connected Across All Sales Channels

Enjoy the convenience of this system. 24 Hours, allowing you to control and manage your business from the fingertips wherever you are. The software allows you to access complete, accurate and reliable information at any time, including data on your store’s products, orders, sales, promotions, membership, inventory, purchasing and branch operations. 

Simple collection operation

The system supports receiving the main payment methods on the market, such as smart payment, credit card payment and so on. Merchants only need to contact the relevant business people to use.

Diversified collection method

Whether the merchant wants to collect money by touch screen or scanning, our system can support it. Your cashier can quickly help customers checkout with these two novel payment methods, and handle multiple customer bills in a short period of time, thus improving work efficiency and shortening customer waiting time.

Demonstration of Software System

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