Expedite ordering processes, from ordering to invoicing, with our iPad system. Prices and stock inventory are updated immediately, reducing the admin’s workload and minimizing miscommunication between supplier and customer.

Suitable for B2B salesmen who dabble in van sales and manufacturing with wholesales, the software updates in real time so that remaining stock is shown on screen. With that, it is easier to issue invoices on the spot without the inconvenience of calling and making sure stock is available each time.

Process orders and print receipts all in one place: YOU!

-Improve sales team performance

With an on-the-go system accompanying the sales team, it is now possible to speed up the ordering process tenfold. The system enables your team to spend more of their time selling products and reeling in clients, instead of filling out miscellaneous time-consuming forms. There is no more need to manually check inventory details and purchase history.

-Know all that you need to know

Get a 360⁰ view of your customers’ details: past orders, outstanding debts, WIP orders, etc. With increased productivity comes increased cumulative data, so to avoid rifling through endless amounts of paperwork, our system lets you breeze through years of information with just one click.

-Make ordering paper-free

Handle everything from a synced device, paper-free. Fast, immediate and error-free order taking, it is definitely the most efficient way to manage your business as compared to the traditional methods.

-Boost the image of your company

Increased productivity and efficiency is sure to get you in your customers’ good books. What goes around comes around; it will indeed be a leverage for your business in this highly-competitive state of commerce these days.

Software system usage demonstration

Save your time with this system

The inventory is displayed on the screen, enabling the salesperson to place an invoice. Processing orders and printing receipts are all in the same place, that is your own