Hospitality Management System

The front desk will be equipped with built-in security features for more efficient and accurate control of the front desk. Through the Key Lock system, the room status will be updated in real time, so the chance of manual control "missing room" error will be very low, and the overall process of hotel management will be accelerated. In addition, the system is equipped with a room management program that help you to easily monitor the rooms that you need to organize. The hotel management program can help you to manage and integrate your guests' data in an easy and efficient way, providing you with better customer service.

Faster Check-In & Check-Out

Based on your own list of operations, even if your receptionist is a novice, the system will be used to complete your service in just a few seconds. Reduce waiting time for guest check-in procedures, thereby increasing the consumer experience and satisfaction with the services that you provided. The implementation of the system makes the previous room management and data input work extremely accurate and easy.

Electronic Door Lock

The safety of the room is one of the things that travelers will consider when looking for accommodation.The door locks are a blend of intricate machinery and microelectronic advancement, featuring the highest level of security and privacy. All locks come with their own software interface to facilitate system integration.

Effective Check-In Tools

Check in customers through MyKad, Passport or Member Card without much hassle. The system is equipped with multiple payment options to make it more convenient for customers who may not have certain documents at hand.

Auto-synced Online Reservations

Online bookings are directly synced to the front desk in accordance with room availability in real time. Powered by the versatile in-house developed online booking engine, this system enables hotel guests to make room reservations whenever and wherever.